Richard Huw Morgan

Artist, performer, presenter / perfformiwr, cyflwynydd.


“It is time for the people of Wales to act maturely and responsibly, to embrace self determination and the taking of personal responsibility rather than apportioning blame to the other. But this is not isolationism, rather an open and honest appreciation of what international partners have to offer in the forming of mutually beneficial alliances as opposed to historically determined subservience. We must have all means necessary to ensure that actions can be put in place to retain the talents and ambitions of our citizens. 

The DisUnited Queendom has not served Wales well, and no amount of tinkering will redress the imbalance ingrained in the colonialist imagination of our English neighbours.

It is the duty of artists to take the material circumstances and reimagine them to the best of their abilities

It is time to break from a historically redundant system of governance that has failed the hopes, aspirations and abilities of our nation and its population. The people of Wales are not lacking in vision, skills or (abilities) to create a more equitable society, what we need is the structures and self confidence to succeed. “


Wna i fyth ddeall pam fyddai unrhyw un yn meddwl ei bod yn well i gael eich rheoli gan y bobl drws nesaf yn hytrach na chymryd cyfrifoldeb am reoli eich hunan.

Dy’n ni wedi bod yn rhan o arbrawf mewn camddefnydd am dros chwe chant o flynyddoedd. Mae’r amser wedi dod i fod â ffydd yn yr hyn y gallwn ei gyflawni gyda’n gilydd! Ymlaen ar wahân (wel, gyda ffrindiau o’n dewis ein hunain!)