HMS Morris

“Mae’r syniad o Gymru (sydd mor gyfoethog o ran adnoddau a harddwch naturiol) wedi ei rhedeg gan Gymry (syn bobol mor greadigol, clyfar a charedig) jyst yn gwneud sens.

Mae’r syniad o gael ein cynrychioli gan y Tôris yn gwneud i mi deimlo’n sâl.

Ac yn fwy abstract, os ydan ni am oroesi fel rhywogaeth yna mi fydd angen i ni ddatblygu ffyrdd newydd o drefnu ein hunain. Mae hynny’n dechrau gyda chwalu hen drefnau, a phrofi fod pethau yn gallu newid, fod syniadau newydd yn gallu dod i rym.


“At the global level, humans are facing huge problems (environmental destruction, pandemics, population displacements, the power of supranational corporations, the erosion of the dignity of the working class) which cannot be solved by nation states. Our only hope is to develop new kinds of political institutions that a) are big enough to enforce global law and pursue global projects, and b) are democratic enough for us to hold them to account. It’s a big ask, and we’ve never seen anything like it, but the first step is to begin to break up the old orders, challenge the old orthodoxies, and start working on examples of what a political institution designed and built in the 21st century can be. Welsh independence can do that.

At the supra-Welsh level, haven’t we had enough of being represented by morally-bankrupt Englishmen? While there was some semblance of competence in Westminster, when we felt more secure as part of the UK, then independence was a harder sell. But now they’ve poisoned our relationship with Europe, prorogued away their own democratic legitimacy and used the pandemic as cover for crony-enrichment. I want to live in a world where I never, ever have to depend on someone like Boris Johnson again. 

At the intra-Welsh level, it’s exciting to imagine what we could do with what we’ve got. Our natural resources are abundant, our brand awareness is on the up (and would go through the roof upon independence), and best of all our people are creative, passionate and community-minded. Small countries can be the more flexible and effective in today’s world: how cool would it be to be led by women like Finland, or have the progressive policy credentials of New Zealand? We are ready to be the next example, and secure a better future for ourselves and for generations to come. “