Kate Woodward

Artist . Musician /  Cerddor.
Caerdydd / Cardiff .  
“The Conservative government has positioned the most vulnerable people in a firing line of neglect, discrimination and deception. I work with disability led organisations, artists and as a personal assistant and it feels like every day I am learning something new about this system which traps and abandons those who need governmental support. What fills me with dread is that we’re at the beginning of another term, not knowing how long this will be and what irreversible damage is to be done to people who deserve compassion and support. 
I believe there is a lot of work that needs to be done, amongst communities and wider society, to decolonise, understand and acknowledge, learn and talk about our past and to strive forward not repeating the same, inhumane mistakes. Westminster both systematically and under this government is so far away from leading this integral work. We are living in a system that relies on money, that’s controlled by wealth and those who offer it out or take it away. It is part of our heinous heritage and directs the present day. 
When is it enough of slogan-slurring politicians, hyped up uninformative media and the mega wealthy buying their own podium? We have to start working locally to implement the change we need to see, it’s time to explore what Welsh Independence would look like.”