Eric Ngalle

Writer, poet, playwright, actor and human rights activist / Sgwennwr. Bardd, Dramodydd, Actor ac Ymgyrchydd dros Hawliau Dynol.
Caerdydd, yn wrediddiol o Buea, Camarŵn / Cardiff, originally from Buea, Cameroon.



In the furrows of my wrinkles

I carry a picture,

a map,

a flower that never withers.


Under my dragon garments,

I hide the scars,

conceal my wounds,

bleeding through cracks of history.


O, neighbours from hills beyond,

we shall draw our borders in poets ink,

not in blood,

at dawn, before the sun rise,

clutching pictures of our shrines,

we shall march in the rain,

planting seed, singing

‘’Elizabeth, let our people go’’