Dr. John Ball

Former lecturer in economics at Swansea University.


“Look around! The successful, healthy economies with the highest standards of education, health services and strong cultural awareness are the small nations of Europe! Wales can reflect the success of other small European nations and given the opportunity can tackle poverty, poor health, lack of opportunities and unemployment.


How? We gather about enough tax to pay our bills, we export water and electricity for nothing and would have the power to raise funds for our own use.”


* We largely pay our way through our own taxes

* Like most nations we would need to borrow

(ALL countries borrow – England owes the world £2trn (£2,000,000,000,000)!

* We produce and give away more electricity than we need

* We produce and give away more water than we need

* We would continue to trade with all the nations of the British Isles

* We can continue to use the pound if we so wished, there is no reason why we should not continue to do so

* Independence gives us the freedom to spend our taxes as WE want – on health, education and the reduction of poverty.