Eva Trier

Strategy consultant and facilitator.


As a German living in Wales, I am a federalist at heart, independence is not my natural inclination. I do believe in the pooling of power and resources. However, for me it is about pooling power and resources to make more social justice and environmental sustainability possible. What is happening in the UK is the polar opposite. I am flabbergasted by the incompetence, the entitlement, the ruthlessness and sheer arrogance of those who pretend to govern us in Westminster at the moment and the lack of any meaningful momentum to challenge those people. I want to see a Wales where decisions are guided by benefiting as many Welsh citizens as possible, particularly in these difficult times. I am more and more convinced that this can only be achieved through independence, through pursuing a project with the potential to generate some political energy in the electorate. I have lost any belief in a reform project at the UK level. Hence independence seems to be the only way forward